Steps and procedures followed in the services provided by the library

Receiving unit:
1- Receiving visitors to the library and recording their information on the automated system, specifying the purpose of entering the library.
2- Directing and guiding the beneficiary to the location of the service required to obtain it.
3- Organizing the receipt of deposits from those who are hesitant to place them in their cupboard and giving the beneficiary proof of this.

Search and  Thesis receiving room:
The search room conducts a search on the manual or electronic index for the information receptacles in the library on the automated system for the beneficiaries, while informing the person in charge of the repository storage hall to bring the required receptacles to the beneficiary so that he can view them and benefit from them. New thesis are also received and their mechanisms are as follows:

  1. The author of the letter goes to the chamber to be given the following documents to fill out:
    • The form for the thesis information
    • Instructions for preparing the electronic copy of the CD thesis (it should be on a single Word sheet according to the order of the thesis, or in PDF form).
  2. In the event that the documents are completed and the electronic CD copy of the thesis is prepared, the electronic copy will be reviewed and matched with the paper copy
  3. The student submits the thesis and his CD and receives a receipt.
  4. The thesis and its CD are recorded in the relevant register and then delivered to the cataloging department in the hall to perform technical operations on them and then save them.


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