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General Rules of the Campus

      General appearance

Students are required to dress decently for the faculty premises. Regular trousers, shirts or T-shirts are allowed as are suits and jumpers. Foot wear is allowed in the form of shoes and sneakers but NO SILIPPERS are allowed. For lady students regular decent attire is accepted and encouraged.NO untraditional (freaky) clothes are allowed. For male students, hair should be regularly cut, clean and well groomed.

     General behavior

Students should strictly follow regulation concerning GATES of entrance and cleanliness of classrooms students should adopt a decent attitude keeping their voices low so as not to disturb others or breach the serenity of the faculty atmosphere.


NO SMOKING: is allowed any where in the campus including classrooms, water closets and corridors.

     Respecting property

Students should respect ALL FACULTY FACILITIES including chairs, desks, walls, practical class equipment, WC material property….etc.

    Failure to abide by these rules subjects the student to penalties of different types including

  • A letter of reprimand.
  • Notation on the student’s official transcript.
  • Reducing marks.
  • Withholding of results.
  • A defined period of suspension, with or without the attachment of conditions.
  • Paying fines in case of damaging public property.
  • Declaring the student’s name in a board of disgrace.
  • Name and pictures of students with outstanding performance (scientific and conduct) will be announced on a board of honor.

Recheck Rules and Regulations

  • After the student finishes his examination, he has the right to claim for a recheck for his examination paper during 1 week from announcing his examination result at the control department of the IUMP.


  • The control department then revises and rechecks his examination paper to make sure of the result and to make sure of the accuracy of the final mark of the examination paper.


  • The control then announces the result of the recheck to the student.