The department is dedicated to the university’s vision of achieving national distinction while strengthening local relevance. To that end we are dedicated to the following goals .

Goal 1: Execute high quality programs of undergraduate and graduate study by focusing our curriculum upon the strengths of our faculty and the needs of our students. We will maximize the students’ abilities to pursue their goals, by being socially responsible and globally aware life-long learners.

Goal 2: Provide updated patient services conforming to latest Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines for optimum patient diagnostic services concerning infectious diseases.

Goal 3: Foster nationally competitive basic and applied research, which provides a training ground for students, stimulates economic development and enhances the body of scientific knowledge.

Goal 4: Serve the university and its stakeholders by providing expertise in microbiology.

Goal 5: Enhance visibility of the department and its faculty through dissemination of scholarly activity to the public and through university and professional recognition programs

Goal 6: Increase proposal submissions for national and private competitive grants

Goal 7: Increase collaborative research and intellectual property activity

Goal 8: Increase and maintain infrastructure for research and teaching

Goal 9: Personnel support for new department members

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