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About The Department

The department lies in the fourth floor of the Surgery building next to the neurosurgery Department and it is there where we have the operating rooms for ophthalmic surgeries and which entail a separate room for paediatric ophthalmic surgeries, retinal surgeries and coming soon corneal transplantation surgeries.

The floor also contains our inpatient wards one for female and another for males and in addition a separate section for paediatric admissions.

The floor also contains an ophthalmic pathology lab, two undergraduate students’ auditoria, our library and the office of the head of the department.

The different members of the staff are present in part in the department and also in part in the outpatient section where they can be approached at all times for help and guidance.

The outpatient department lies in the new outpatient complex building just outside the main hospital and comprises various clinics for regular and routine check up of walkthrough patients as well as subspecialty clinics in the various ophthalmic domains and which entertain patient on a scheduled basis. It also contains the various advanced investigative tools comprising Fundus Fluorescein Angiography, Ocular Ultrasonography, Perimetry and others as well as various laser types for treatment of different ocular pathologies.

Staff Members


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– Paediatric Ophthalmology Clinic

– Vitreoretinal Clinic

– Glaucoma Clinic

– Cornea clinic


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Honors and Awards

Doctor  Nehal Al Shakankiri got the best doctor award above 15 years 2010

Prof  Dr Hussein Aly Hussein got the gold medal from the ophthalmic society of Egypt

Contact Information

Email : ossama.elhaddad@alexmed.edu.eg

Links :

– Esoirs www.essoirs.com

– DOSE www.dose.org