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About The Department


Clinical pharmacology department is committed to provide the community with physicians who are competent in treatment of its health problems through applying their drug understanding in every health problems. The department is also aspiring to enrich medical sciences with scientific experimental and clinical researches that participate in solving community problems and providing integrated medical care that cope with modern technologies through the University Hospitals.


Clinical pharmacology department is aspiring to be an excellence and creativity model in medical pharmacology education, scientific experimental and clinical research and effectiveness in community participation that will position it in the top level between its peers on the national, regional and international levels.

Staff Members

Head of Clinical Pharmacology Department :

Prof.Dr. Samia Mohamed Mohamed Ali

Educational Programs

Post Graduate Courses:

– Master program of Clinical pharmacology

– MD/PhD program in Clinical pharmacology

– Clinical pharmacology courses for master degree students in all specialties in faculty of medicine.

– Clinical pharmacology courses for doctorate degree students in all specialties.

Under Graduate Courses:

– Clinical pharmacology for first , second and 3rd year medical students & first, second and third year medical students of international program

– Clinical pharmacology for second year students of faculty of dentistry.

– Clinical pharmacology for second year students of faculty of nursing.

– Clinical pharmacology for first, fourth and fifth year of nursing institute

Lab and facilities

Labs: (or clinics)

– Pharmacovigilance Clinic

– Big Lab For Students

– Power Lab And Sterostaxis


– Digital balance

Campuses (buildings):

– Clinical Pharmacology Department At Mowasah Student Building.

– Pharmacovigilance Clinic At Smouha Mean University Hospital.

Branches of the department

– Cardiovascular, Nervous System, Endocrine, Blood, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Pharmacokinetics.

Contact Information

Telephone: 01274889290

E-Mail: –