Physical Medicine

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About The Department

– Department Name: Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation. Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.

– About the Department: The department is concerned with: prevention, diagnosis, treatment (with medication, physical agents, biofeedback & orthosis /prostheses) and rehabilitation of patients with  neuromusculoskeletal disorders  e.g. rheumatic diseases (including joint diseases, soft tissue rheumatism, connective tissue diseases, osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases & musculoskeletal disorders), neuromuscular disorders (e.g. neuropathy, myopathy, stroke, …), electrodiagnosis & musculoskeletal ultrasonography.  In addition to rehabilitation of patients with disability.

Hierarchy of the Department

– Professors

Mona El Bardawil

Hussein El Moghazi

Tarek Shafshak

Dia Mohasseb

Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim

Hamdy Korayem

Wahid Labib

Abdel Moneim Helal (emeritus professor)

Abdel Latif Gab Allah (emeritus professor)

Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Elabd (emeritus professor)

– Assistant professors

Mowafak Mostafa

Noha Abdel Halim

Mohamed Imam

Enas Mohamad Shahine

Gihan Abdel Latif Younis

– Lecturers

Ihab Abd El Atey

Naglaa Abdel Mohsen

Abir Hassan Naguib

Marwa  Hassan

Reham El Gafi

– Assistant lecturers

Sherine El Sherif

Sarah El Twab

Wafaa Samir El Emary

Amanwell Saba

Mervat Sheta

– Fellows

Hayam Mostafa

Youssery Hamad


– Post Graduates: Diploma, master and doctorate degrees of Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation

– Under Graduates: Anatomy & physiology of the musculoskeletal module (for students of the 1st year)& central nervous system module (for students of the 2nd year)in collaboration with the departments of: anatomy, physiology & histology.

Honors and awards

Labs and Facilities

Electrodiagnostic laboratory (motor and sensory conduction studies, reflex studies, electromyography, sensory evoked potential, motor evoked potential, auditory evoked potential and visual evoked potential) and  Posturography laboratory.

Contact Information