Physical Medicine

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About The Department


Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation department is committed to provide the community with physicians who are competent in diagnosis and treatment of its health problems and who are applying professional ethics and caring for essential social values The department is also aspiring to enrich medical sciences with scientific researches that participate in solving community problems and providing integrated medical care that cope with modern technologies through the University Hospitals.


Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation department is aspiring to be an excellence and creativity model in medical education, scientific research and effectiveness in community participation that will position it in the top level between its peers on the national, regional and   international levels.


Staff Members

Head of Physical Medicine Department :

Prof. Dr. Mowaffak Mostafa Abd-Elhamid


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Al-Abd
Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Helal
Prof. Dr. Abdel-Latif Gaballah
Prof. Dr. Mona Mokhtar El-bardaweil
Prof. Dr. Hussein El-Moghazy Sultan
Prof. Dr. Tarek Saad Shafshak
Prof. Dr. Diaa Fahmy Mohasseb
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim
Prof. Dr. Hamdy Khamis Korayem
Prof. Dr. Waheed Labib Mohamed Ali
Prof. Dr. Noha Abd-Elhalim El-Sawy
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hassan Imam
Prof. Dr. Enas Mohamed Shahin
Prof. Dr. Gihan Abd-Ellatif

Assistant Professors:

Ass. Prof. Dr. Naglaa Abd-Elmohssen
Ass. Prof. Dr. Abeer Hassan Nagib
Ass. Prof. Dr. Marwa Mohamed Hassan


Dr. Ehab Mohamed Abd-Elaty
Dr. Abeer Ali Abd-Ellatif
Dr. Riham Mahmoud Abd-Elsameia
Dr. Sherin Mahmoud El-Sherif
Dr. Sarah Sayed Mahmoud El-Tawab
Dr. Emmanuel Kamal Aziz Saba
Dr. Wafaa Samir El-Emeiry
Dr. Hoda Mohamed Abd-Elnaby
Dr. Yousra Hisham Abd-Elfattah
Dr. Rehab Ali El-Nemr

Assistant Lecturers:

Mervat Shata Elsawy
Eman Ramadan Mansour
Marwa Abd-Allah Fadl
Omneya Mohamed Ayman


Nashwa Adel



There are four elective courses:

– Sport Medicine.

– Alternative Medicine.

– Joint problem management.

– Regional pain management.


-Master Degree of Physical Medicine, Rheumatology & Rehabilitation

-Doctor  Degree of Physical Medicine, Rheumatology & Rehabilitation

History of the Department

The Faculty of Medicine of [Alexandria University] was established following the Royal decree No. 32 pronounced in August 1942 by King Farouk the first. Teaching started in the academic year of 1942/1943. The establishment of the Faculty was the culmination of the efforts of many Alexandrian scholars and physicians headed by Mi Ibrahim Pacha (Professor of Surgery, born in Alexandria) and Dr. Mohamed Mahfouz Bey (a famous Alexandrian ophthalmologist and head of the Alexandria Eye Hospital).

The clinical teaching took place in the Municipal (Amireya) Hospital the largest hospital in Alexandria built by Khedive Ismail in 1876. A new hospital was subsequently established to house all the clinical departments of the Faculty.

Honors and awards

Prof Dr. Abdel Moneim Helal was awarded the (Leader University Professor) in July 2015 by the Association of Faculty of Medicine Graduates

Branches of the department

– Main University Hospital

– Shatby University Hospital

– Hadara University Hospital

– New Borg El-Arab University Hospital

Residency Program

The Residency Training Program of Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation department is held in Alexandria University Hospitals

5 Years Resideny Program – 2009 – 2014

The training program is divided into three modules which are planned to ensure the highest degree of training and assessment of the resident during each module.


Our residents are expected to rotate into three modules in a consecutive way so as to complete their training and reach all their objectives by the end of the training.


These modules are:

Basic Training Module

For 12 months. All residents will start their rotations into basic general medical, surgical ICU and emergency departments.


Specialized Training Module

For 36 months. Each resident will return to his specialty department for training and completing his master degree.

Advanced Training Module

For 12 months. Each resident will receive a training schedule of an advanced field in his specialty and during which he can apply for credit system doctorate degree.

At the end of each of these three modules. all residents will be exposed to a continuous assessment and evaluating system which will ensure that he or she is very highly trained in every department according to the requirements of their log book and training curriculum.

Labs and Facilities

Labs: (or clinics)

– Outpatient clinic and rehabilitation halls in Main University Hospital

– Outpatient clinic and rehabilitation halls in Shatby University Hospital

– Outpatient clinic and rehabilitation halls in Hadara University Hospital

– Outpatient clinic and rehabilitation halls in New Borg El-Arab University Hospital

– Electrophysiology lab in Main University Hospital

– Electrophysiology lab in Shatby University Hospital

– Musculoskeletal ultrasound Lab in Main University Hospital

– Rheumatology clinic in Main University Hospital


– Electrophysiology machines (4 machines)

– Musculoskeletal ultrasound machine (only one)

– Physical therapy machines (about 100 machines in all and rehabilitation halls of the department)

Campuses: (Buildings)

– A building for the department in Main University Hospital

– A building for the department in Hadara University Hospital

Contact Information

Telephone: (203)4847426 – (203)4810728

Fax: 2034873076


Secretary of the Department:

Ms. Samia Wahba

Ms. Amal Mohammed

Ms. Zahra Mohammed