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About Surgical Oncology Unit

We are a medical educational unit joined to Alexandria University. Our staff includes three active professors, four retired professors, two ass professors, two lecturers and two ass lecturers. Our 36-bed wards are staffed by well trained nurses and medical workers who provide acute and elective care for surgical adult patients. Patients are admitted for diagnostic work-up, medical as well as surgical management, and post-operative care. Great emphasis is placed on excellence in care giving, teamwork, and education, and all the nursing staff are encouraged to become certified by the oncology nursing society.

Prof. Dr. Galal abu el nagah

Prof. Dr. Galal abu el nagah

Head of Surgical Oncology Unit

About Surgical Oncology Unit

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to Alexandria University Surgical Oncology Unit. The Unit is dedicated to delivery of quality and contemporary oncological surgery care to our patients.

Our expert faculty members care for patients with the entire spectrum of malignancies, concentrating in particular on breast, endocrine, gastrointestinal, colorectal and sarcoma cancers, providing medical students, residents and fellows with rich educational experiences.

The surgical oncology is Comprehensive Breast Center of Alexandria University. The Division embraces a multidisciplinary approach to breast disease and breast care in an academic and community setting. The Unit emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of modern breast care, and the need for incorporating patient education and participation in decision making into the treatment paradigm.

The mission of Alexandria Surgical Oncology is to provide timely, expert, compassionate care to cancer patients and to advance the treatment of cancer through research and teaching.



The mission of Alexandria Surgical Oncology is to promote excellence in patient care, scientific research, and education. We strive to lead the region and nation as role models in these disciplines and are committed to training the next generation of surgical oncologists. Our core values of compassion, integrity, respect, and excellence.



  • Provide multidisciplinary treatment for patients with both basic and complex malignancies.
  • Seek novel therapeutic alternatives through clinical, instrumentation and basic science research.
  • Provide an educational environment in which medical students, surgical residents and research fellows received good training.
  • Apply evidence based up-to-date procedures in an appropriate context


  • To provide the best possible care to patients who require surgical services for malignancies.
  • To provide state of the art educational programs for both under and postgraduate students.
  • To do research programs, this will contribute to practical solutions and theoretical structure of future surgical practice.