Word of Program Director

Word of Program Director

 hala maklad

My dear students;

It is my pleasures to welcome you in the beginning of the first academic year in your great faculty” Alexandria Faculty of Medicine”. You left you countries and families intending to learn and to be a good doctor. I am glad to chose Alexandria Faculty of Medicine for your medical study and to bring your dreams true.

You must remember that to be a good doctor, scientific efforts and hard work are required since the first day of your study and along the whole 6 years.

A positive participation and self expression through different activities of the faculty like scientific, cultural, social, religious, and charity work are also needed for the ideal doctor.

All doors will be open in front of you all times. All staff members will be your mothers and fathers that you can ask their help and advice at any time. And I expect from you to be good sons and daughters who we are proud of.

Therefore, you should take the opportunities for being the doctors of the future

and stick to the morals that would make you scientific and moral pioneers.

Again, you are welcome in your new home” Alexandria Medical school”    with my best wishes of success.

   Professor Hala Maklad

Executive manager of IUMP