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About The Department

Department Name : Histology & Cell Biology


: Head of the Department

Name: Prof. Dr. Safinaz Hussein Safwet

Title: Professor & Head of the Department of Histology & Cell Biology


: Brief Department Description

-The department is in the fifth floor in El Mouasah building.

-The department contains a technical lab equipped with an electric oven and a rotary microtome (for preparation of paraffin sections for light microscopic examination),

– Human resources: 56 Staff and assistant staff members, two secretaries, four  technicians and three workers.

Mission and vision


The Department of Histology and Cell Biology at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine  aims at  raising the repute of the department by achieving excellence in education and research within the field of Histology and Cell Biology among peers on the national, regional and international levels.


The department of Histology and Cell Biology is dedicated to improve continuously the quality of education and research within the field of Histology and Cell Biology. It integrates with other clinical and basic sciences to provide multileveled microscopic descriptive  information relating  the  structure to function of cells, tissues and organs for under- and postgraduate students within the fields of medicine, health profession and biology sciences .The department adopts update methods for establishing a scientific background in histology and cell biology permitting  students to implement their  knowledge and skills in future profession and in conducting scientific  researches  for solving the community problems .. 

Staff Members

الأســـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــم الوظيفة تليفون المحمول البريد الألكتروني
أ.د صافيناز حسين صفوت استاذ 0122315029 safinaz_safwat@yahoo.com
أ.د ابتهاج فتحي الغزاوي استاذ متفرغ 01227470706 ebtihagelghazzawi@yahoo.com
أ.د نصرة علي شعبان استاذ متفرغ 01223370064
أ.د أمال محمود حلمي استاذ متفرغ 01222254441 drthussein@hotmail.com
أ.د أميرة يحيى مدور استاذ متفرغ 01229944702 amiraosmana@hotmail.com
أ.د مشيرة مصطفي صافي استاذ متفرغ 01227315030 moushirasafy@yahoo.com
أ.د وحيد مفيد أسطفانوس استاذ متفرغ 01223940294 wahidstephanos@hotmail.com
أ.د أنعام فيليب قلادة استاذ متفرغ 01006626404 inaamkelada@yahoo.com
أ.د فاطمة الزهراء عبد الحميد استاذ متفرغ 0111504449 Fatma.hasgem4@yahoo.com
أ.د اشراق عبد العزيزالسبعاوي استاذ متفرغ 01001449193 eelsabaawi@yahoo.com
أ.د ساميه عبد العزيز عرفة استاذ متفرغ 01005214668 Dodogirl_8@hotmail.com
أ.د مصطفي محمود أبو العلا استاذ متفرغ 01223547833 Most3d555@yahoo.com
أ.د نادية أمين شرف الدين استاذ متفرغ 01001184706 nsharafeldin@yahoo.com
أ.د ناهد ابراهيم زهدي استاذ 01005568609 nahedizohdy@yahoo.com
أ.د شفاء محمد فخر الدين الصاوي استاذ 01001506889 elsawy_sh@yahoo.com
أ.د مشيرة علي رضا الهنيدي استاذ 01005355490 moushiraelhenneidy@hotmail.com
أ.د أنيسة السيد مليس استاذ 01001860701 anisameleis@gmail.com
أ.د مشيرة أحمد زهير استاذ 01000094903 moushira.zoheir@gmail.com
أ.د هدي محمود خليفة استاذ 01224178145 Mhana9630@yahoo.com
أ.د مها وجدي أبو نازل استاذ 01227498567 mahawagdy_h@yahoo.com
أ.د ايمان فؤاد بيومي فرغلي استاذ 01222317909 eman_ff@hotmail.com
أ.د غادة محمد مراد استاذ 01006633742 gmourad61@gmail.com
أ.د ثناء حسن صبري راضي استاذ 01001610769 s.h.rady@hotmail.com
د سحر علي محمود استاذ 01142667062 sahar_omar@rocketmail.com
د فردوس سرور قطب كراوية استاذ 012273260688 f_karawya2010@yahoo.com
د صفاء جمعة تقي الدين استاذ مساعد 01222407062 safaatakeyeldin@yahoo.com
د تشرين محمد حنفي زيتون استاذ مساعد 01111509667 elsaayghs@gmail.com
د هالة محمود عبد المعطي استاذ مساعد 01006546468 halamh.2075@gmail.com
د نهي محمود زهران استاذ مساعد 01228030608 nohamzahran@yahoo.com
د رحاب أحمد عبد المنعم استاذ مساعد 01001070769 rehabahmed2013.ra@gmail.com
د أماني عبد المنعم سليمان استاذ مساعد 01064239709 amanysolaiman@gmail.com
د ايمان محمد نبيل مدرس 01004149637 emannabil4@gmail.com
د. نهى السيد عطية مدرس 01114950969 noha.attia@alexmed.edu.eg
د. سيلفيا كميل صديق مدرس 01226950510 silviakamil76@yahoo.com
د. ايمان ابراهيم أحمد زكي مدرس 01006367002 eimaniazaki@yahoo.com
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د. اميرة مجدي عمر مدرس مساعد 01227528963 dr_amiramagdy@yahoo.com
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د. أسماء عباس زيدان معيد 01012669339 asmaazidane@yahoo.com
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د. اميره احمد ابراهيم معيد 01273805949 amm_dr@yahoo.com

Labs and Facilities





Type of activity


1- Scientific

– Preparation of simplified text books, practical notes, notes for MCQs and their answers, and an Atlas of Histology for Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy students,

–  Organization of scientific meetings.- Attending scientific conferences (national and international)

– Reviewers for Alexandria Medical Journal and the Egyptian Journal of Histology 

2-Post/Under Graduate

Teaching histology and cell biology for :-     

– First, second and third undergraduate medical students.First undergraduate dental, pharmacy and physical therapy students.

– Postgraduate medical students from the department of Histology and from other departments according to their request through a credit hours system.

3- Research

Master, doctorate and post-doctorate researches in the fields of cell biology, histology (light and electron microscopic study), stem cells,  genetics, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and nanotechnology.

4- Social and Environmental

Researches concerned with environmental pollutants.- Community services through participation of some department staff members in the fields of :-

  • Medical convoys (to Siwa Oasis, El Wady El Gadeed and many poor rural areas in Alexandria)
  • Membership in non governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • Cooperation between Alexandria Faculty of Medicine (AFM) and Loma Linda University, California , USA through a training team exchange between the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery in AFM and the Overseas Heart Surgery Team from LomaLindaUniversity

5- Others

Some department's staff are members in the management team and executive team in the Faculty Higher Education Enhancement Projects:-

  • The project titled: "Interactive presentation as a tool for teaching and continuous evaluation in Medical Education" (IPME).
  • The project titled:" Continuous improvement and qualifying for accreditation project" (CIQAP).
  • The project titled: “Development of the Student Assessment Systems and exams in Alexandria University” funded by Project Administration- Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt. ( 2010 –2011)
  • CIQAP/PCIQA (project for continuous improvement and qualification for accreditation) at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine funded by Project Administration- Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt. (March 2008 – November 2010).
  • Alex Rep 2010/2011- 4th cycle- HLTH 10- Comparative Feasibility Study on In Vitro Induction of Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from various Sources into Insulin Producing Cells. (principal investigator; allocated budget 175 000 L.E.)
  • STDF Capacity Building grants CBA-IDA -31/3/2010. Establishment of a Unit for Stem Cell Research and its Applications at Alexandria University. (principal investigator; allocated budget 3 600 000 L.E. – accepted but pending due to financial constraints within capacity building funding project at STDF since January 2011).
  • Alex Rep 2009/2010- 3rd  cycle. Exracellular matrix targeting nanoparticles for drug delivery HLTH 09-25. (Implementation team)
  • The project titled: “ The use of stem cells and fibrin glue in reconstruction of skin substitute.”
  • Some department's staff members are trainers in the workshops for staff capacity building that are held in the Interactive Presentation Unit, in the Medical Education Department, AFM and in the Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC) in the Faculty of Nursery, Alexandria University.


Contact Information

E-Mail: histologydepartment2017@gmail.com

Facebook Page: ملتقى اساتذة قسم الهستولوجي و طلاب كلية طب الاسكندرية

Secretary of the Department:

Mrs.Fatma Mohmed Mohamed Ahmed

E-Mail: fatmahistology@yahoo.com

Tel: 01005426682

Invitation to Undergraduate Students at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

To participate in the Scientific Contest


Recent advances in 3 D liver tissue engineering, from theory to practice.

The Egyptian association of advancement of medical basic sciences is inviting all undergraduate students affiliated to Alexandria faculty of Medicine to participate in the scientific contest that will be held on 30 / 3 / 2017 among the scientific activities of the 14th Conference for the Egyptian association of advancement of medical basic sciences.

The contest aims at recruiting students’ creative talents and research abilities for original article addressing the following:

Today, the need for human organs is greater than that for humans themselves. There are over 120,000 people on Organ Transplant Waiting Lists worldwide. The growing complexity of this grand challenge has to be faced through non ordinary creative, innovative techniques.

The applied research should simply cover one or more of the following; the underlined theories, examples, proofs, moral and ethical implications together with the future approaches for Recent advances in 3 D liver tissue engineering.

The research should follow the main lines of a literature review:

According to Caulley (1992) of La Trobe University, the literature review should:

  • compare and contrast different authors’ views on an issue
    • group authors who draw similar conclusions
    • criticize aspects of methodology
    • note areas in which authors are in disagreement
    • highlight ideal studies
    • highlight gaps in research
    • show how your study relates to previous studies
    • show how your study relates to the literature in general
    • conclude by summarizing what the literature says


Students are free to present individually or in groups (not more than 3 students)

How to submit to the contest?

  • The student should register to the context by filling the contest application provided for free at the secretariat of the Department of Histology and cell Biology- Alexandria Faculty of Medicine – Moassah Campus- 5th Online submission is available by down loading the participation form on the website: ww.med.alexu.edu.eg/histology and send it again by Email to: histologydepartment2017@gmail.com
  • Registration will be open by 4 / 2/ 2017.
  • The ward document and power point presentation should be delivered personally to the department of histology and cell biology or electronically before 15/3/2017.

The  research should be submitted as files composed of the following :

  • 3 hard copies for English word version of the proposed project.(8-10 pages font 14, 1.15 spaces, Times New Roman)
  • A power point presentation for the proposed research annexed with a notification for any specific computer programs that are required for demonstrating the presentation.
  • 3 CDs containing softcopies for the word version of the research and for the power point presentation.

How is the project evaluated?

Evaluation of the proposed projects passes through the following committees:

  • Scientific committee: professors at the department of basic sciences will evaluate the scientific contents.
  • Within 10 days from submission, a set of researches will be selected. Student research teams will be invited to present their researches during the interview with the representatives of the evaluation committee and chosen committee of students.
  • Evaluation of the research will depend on fulfillment of the following criteria:
  • Simplicity, accuracy and updating of the information.
  • Clarity of the scientific contents.
  • The research will be tested for plagiarism.
  • The final contest results will be announced. The winning research will be presented during the conference according to coordination with conference committee.



  • Rewards for the first winner project 1000 E. P, second winner project 750 E.P, third winner project 500 E. P.
  • Certification for originality of the members of the first 3 winning projects.
  • Publication of the first winner project abstract in the conference guide.

For extra information contact:

Pr. Dr. Moushira Elhenidi             Secretary General

Dr Eman Nabil      Lecturer of Histology & cell biology

Mobile: 01004149637


President of Association                                    Chairman of Conference

Prof. Dr. Suzan Darwish                                        Prof. Dr. Safinaz Safwat





Participation Form CLICK

رسوم اشتراك المؤتمر  CLICK